CV. Java Kin Marine is a general ship supplier, serving all Indonesian ports. Established in 2019 with headquarters in Surabaya.
Specializes in all aspects of ship supply and service, providing all provisions, cabins, bonded, security, machine shops. Other laundry services, gas refills, equipment and labor installations, ship repairs by welder technicians, electricians, and mechanical cooling.

Our employees always provide quality products, the best services to our customers, and we respond in a timely and professional manner to the needs of each of our customers.

We are open to business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide products and services needed by our customers.

With all facilities in each of the main ports in Indonesia, we can serve, throughout the country, ship needs and sustainable quality services. And we can do it with workers 24 hours – 7 days to send, where and when to ship.

Our success builds this unique service in our ability to provide all these services in a more structured and controlled environment, with greater attention to detail and quality, and with more competitive prices through higher implementation, on-site support and volume contract. We have proven it.

CV. Java Kin Marine will continue to succeed in developing the company to become a supplier of ships in Indonesia.


CV.Java Kin Marine has a unique way of sharing it’s powerful business community and networking platform with anyone who is looking for products, services and we are glad to welcome you as our customers.

About Us

CV. Java Kin Marine is a non-stop supplier of everything you need on your ship. We offer the following services: Ship Broker, Ship Chandler, Owner Representative. Again, anything from Catering – Food and Beverage to the technical and safety supplies can be sent to your ship.

To provide high quality and fast service at competitive prices for domestic and foreign vessels is our ongoing effort. We want to clarify that customers can trust us and we guarantee that ship members and customer crews will receive very good attention from our company.

Whatever your boat needs, we can get it for you, from catering – food and beverages to technical components and safety supplies can be sent to your ship. We are always disciplined in time and reliable. Customers can rely on us to receive the best products at competitive prices.

Our specialty is to provide ship inventory and services of the highest quality at competitive prices. We strive to provide the best value to our customers by utilizing advanced technology and extensive maritime experience. If you find a price lower than our price, we will match it.